About Us

Founded in 2018 in Houston, Texas, the company is backed by a core team with over 20 years of global expertise in industrial automation, computer technology, and telecommunications, covering product design, development, manufacturing, and management.

Our Mission:

Is to integrate advanced digital technologies into industrial automation and manufacturing, delivering superior technology, reliable products, and robust support to our users.

Humanity's technological advancement is approaching a singularity. Rapid innovations in communication, computing, data, and artificial intelligence are unlocking unprecedented opportunities in industrial automation and manufacturing. Leveraging reliable communication, advanced IoT, and robust AI decision-making, we are empowering manufacturers to embrace the inevitable next industrial revolution.

Our solution advantages stem from three key areas:

  • Extensive experience in industrial communication.

  • An open, user-friendly industrial IoT platform and ecosys.

We not only offer advanced technology and high-quality products, but we are also committed to providing customized solutions for our users. Our top-notch manufacturing processes and quality control procedures ensure that each product can withstand the harsh conditions of industrial environments. Our software development applies agile methodologies, providing customized deliverables for users and projects. Additionally, our industrial digital ecosystem offers a broader and more efficient response to customer needs.